Blaire Designs is pleased to offer full-service interior design, a comprehensive experience tailored to each project. From new construction to renovation, Blaire Designs has partnered with celebrated builders and architects to execute a design that is harmonious from its initial conception on paper to the final stages of installation. In addition, Blaire Designs offers decorative designs for whole-home residences, resulting in spaces that ultimately enrich and elevate the way one lives.

Blaire and her team believe that a successful design project is one that has been considered each step of the way, from elevations and floor plans, to furniture and materials selections, to the final trimmings that make each room memorable.

For further details please contact Blaire at Blaire@BlaireDesigns.com.

What to Expect

Though varied, some of the basic elements one could expect from this experience might include:

A Detailed Design Plan
  • Room by room mood boards
  • Space planning & furniture placement
  • Custom furniture & upholstery
  • Bespoke decorative details
  • Color & finish consultation
  • Wall coverings, lighting, accessories, window treatments & more
Exterior Selections Can Include
  • Paint & stain colors
  • Brick or stone detail & selection
  • Shutter, window & door design
  • Gutter style & color
Interior Selections Can Include:
  • Electrical plans
  • Plumbing & light fixture selection
  • Countertop selection
  • Tile material selection & patterns
  • Cabinetry design & layout

Design Consultations

In addition to full-service interior design, Blaire Designs offers Design Consultations, on a selective basis. Though it is best to connect with our studio to understand specifics, highlights of these offerings include:

  • Identify the goals and intention with the consultation
  • Review of your existing floor plan
  • Conduct a paint consult, create furniture plans, lighting placement & fabrics selections, if applicable
  • 2 hour or 5 hour consultation options are available
  • A review of your existing floor plan with recommended design solutions to address your design dilemma
  • Conduct a 2 hour conversational consultation
  • Post-meeting follow up with highlights of selections

For further details please contact Blaire at Blaire@BlaireDesigns.com.