Belle Meade Highlands New Build


Our clients searched and patiently waited until they found the perfect lot, on the perfect street in the family-perfect neighborhood of Belle Meade Highlands.

Our vision was to create a home that met this young family of four’s growing needs and design an interior that reflected their unique style. 



He’s a southern man who loves time at home, dark leather and some good Nashville BBQ. His family, a slow-talking pace of life and fast cars make him smile ear to ear.

She’s a midwestern gal with big city roots, who met her forever date in the south and quickly took a liking to its warmer weather. She can effortless rock a picture-perfect patio dress but loves to incorporate a touch of urban bling. She’s a hard-working mom to two small girly girls and a graying bulldog.

Together they epitomize a refined boho-southern style. Their eclectic (yet transitional) home is family-friendly and functions flawlessly, without ever skimping on style. This home’s beautiful marriage of traditional and eclectic elements, neutrals and jewel tones can be seen throughout each space, as can family heirlooms.